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Steel jewels

A CM sink lights up and brightens the kitchen that welcomes it.


This brand marks out the stainless steel material AISI 18/10 whose main feature is that it does not rust if exposed to air and water, thus

remaining shiny and sparkling, even after decades of use.


Basicstyle e luxurystyle are the two lines offered by CM.  They are offered in three finishes, satin, scratch-resistant and microdecoro and they also come with different profiles.


To see the full range click on the CM logo above.

Compound sinks with antibacterial action.


These sinks come in various colours and finishes.  They are

stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and hit-resistant.

These sinks do not discolour by time and they are very hygienic and easy to clean. They are also tested for food contact.


To see the full range click on the PLADOS logo above. 

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